Small steps will take you far, eventually

Keeping a bucket list can be a frustrating thing, sometimes. There’s all these items on your list and crossing them off seems to take far longer than you expected, somehow. It’s just too easy to let life get in the way! This post is a combination of a progress update and some sort of motivation for all of you that feel the same as I do sometimes..

But don’t forget that even the smallest steps will take you closer towards your goals, you just need to remind yourself constantly that these steps are being taken in the right direction.

In my case, even though there’s only two items that are fully completed, over the past few weeks there’s been progress on lots of others:

  • I’ve started running and cycling again after a period of inactivity, which is a step towards completing quite a few items (2,6,12,33,44,45 and 48)
  • My chess rating is stabilizing around 1200, so I know that there is work ahead to get towards the 1300 mark (item 17)
  • I’ve ordered my copy of The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau to find inspiration for starting my own business (item 9)
  • I’ve had a health check at the blood donation station and all seems to be fine, so I’m ready for my first donation (even though I am not allowed to go there until November, because I’ve been in Malaysia in May) (item 25)
  • As I said we’ve been to Malaysia, adding a continent to item 43
  • I’ve just picked up a copy of the next Lynley detective at the local library and will start reading it this weekend, another step towards completing item 46

See? Even though they may not seem that significant, these small steps will eventually lead to bigger things and more items to be completed. Just remember to keep moving!

Small steps lead to big things


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