#49 – Go to a classical music concert

In my life, I have been into a myriad of different musical genres, ranging from rap via all kinds of house music to rock. Lately, however, as my life has calmed down, so has my taste in music. I have been listening to a lot of classical music lately, mostly symphonic pieces (see also list item #4), but chamber music and violin and piano concertos as well. I have been to a lot of house parties and a few pop and rock concerts in my life, but (apart from having been to Night of the Proms twice) have never visited a proper classical music concert. Keeping in mind my interest in this type of music and the fact that music is often better when heard played live, I want to go to a proper classical music performance at least once. It shouldn’t be a tough item to finish as there are lots of performances around the country every week, but it is an item that definitely has a place on my list.

Classical music orchestra


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