#48 – Complete a triathlon

Apart from running, I have taken up cycling as well in the past couple of months. I’m not a very talented athlete, but nevertheless I like to take part in competitions, especially when it can be combined with exploring nature and / or seeing some nice scenery. Plus, there’s always room for more new experiences. Therefore I would love to take part in a triathlon once. It can be a sprint distance triathlon or anything longer (although I suspect I will start with the sprint distance to see whether I like it).

One major challenge: I’m not a good swimmer. There are two ways to deal with this: either learn to swim properly, or choose an alternative triathlon. I have seen a couple of announcements for triathlons that substitute swimming with kayaking, only problem is they are held in Canada, and I’m in Holland. Over here, we do have winter triathlons, which feature speed skating instead of swimming. That might be a good option as well.

Time to start getting into shape!



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