Back in action

It’s been a quiet few weeks, at least on the list front, because I’ve been getting married and subsequently went on a well-deserved honeymoon with the Mrs. Just returned from a nice trip through peninsular Malaysia. To be honest the holiday wasn’t all we expected it to be, partly because we were just too tired and the climate change from 15 to almost 40 degrees Celsius was just a bit too much to really enjoy the packed first two weeks of the trip. Still, we’re happy to have done this trip, Malaysia is a beautiful country with amazingly friendly people. And I can tick off Asia as a continent to visit on list item #43 to boot. I’ve also managed to complete another item on the list while on honeymoon, but I’ll write a separate post about that in the days to come.

As usual, a holiday is a great opportunity to reflect on the past, and I’ve been doing quite a bit of that while lying on the beach at the end of our journey. I realized some things definitely need to change in my work life in order to be truly happy about what I’m doing, and with the wedding and honeymoon behind us I can fully focus on that in the months to come. Exciting times are ahead!

Picture below is a shot of our resort at Tioman Island, where we spent the last four days of our honeymoon. I can think of worse places to be..

Berjaya Resort at Tioman


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