Starting a collection

A short look at my very humble cognac collection. I am looking for bottles that are affordable yet special (in general or just to me) in some way or another. So far I’ve acquired two of these bottles..

Frapin Secret Treasures 1990 Single Cask
This bottle is interesting in a few ways. First of all, it is a vintage cognac, which you do not see very often. Vintage means that all grapes used to produce the cognac have been harvested in the same year (1990 in this case). Second of all, it is a limited edition bottle. Only 586 have been produced, and each one has been issued a unique number that can be seen on the label. Mine is 409 (the photo I included is not my own bottle). All bottles come from a single oak cask, numbered cask 1031. At around 30 euros, this was a real steal. How cool is it to have something like this, something that will never be made again and gets more rare everytime someone else opens his or her bottle? I do not intend to drink this one as its value to me is in the whole object, not in its contents alone.

Frapin Secret Treasures 1990 single cask

Baron Gaston Legrand Armagnac 1980
OK, this is cheating a bit, as it’s armagnac and not cognac. The difference between the two is the region the grapes come from and the number of distillations (armagnac is distilled only once, cognac is distilled twice). With armagnac, vintage bottles are more common compared to cognac. I bought this one because it was relatively affordable (around 50-60 euros) and 1980 is the year I was born. My bottle is exactly the same as in the picture below, including the wooden case. The only difference is that my bottle says 1980 instead of 1964. I’m not sure whether I am going to drink this one, but at least not until my 50th birthday. That might be a nice occasion to open it up..

Armagnac Baron Gaston Legrand


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