Not quite an Aston Martin yet, but a great experience nonetheless

One of the first items I came up with when I started compiling my bucket list, and the very first I’ve managed to put on here is driving an Aston Martin DB9 at least once in my life. As of yet I haven’t managed to get into one, but last weekend I had a great related experience.

As part of my stag party, my best men arranged a half hour drive in another type of sports car for me. Our first activity of the day was a skid control class, something that I’ve also never done before. A very cool experience, sliding around in a car. When we finished, suddenly a yellow Ferrari 360 Modena pulled up. The driver got out, walked towards me and told me I could have a go. Very, very cool!

Having never driven a proper sports car before, what surprised me was the relative ease of driving a 400 BHP car. I always thought that it was very, very different from driving a normal car, but apart from the abundance of power (of course) it wasn’t that much of a change. Still, it was a really awesome experience. The feeling of driving such a powerful car is something I will not easily forget. Needless to say that half an hour passed way too fast.. Driving it through back roads and on the motorway was seriously addictive. Can’t wait to have go in another sports car, be it a DB9 or something else!

The rest of the stag party was equally awesome, with good friends, a nice beer tasting and a great night out. Needless to say the day after was a little less active..

Ferrari 360 Modena


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