It’s the small things that matter

More often than you’d think, it’s the small things that can really brighten up your day. A good find at a flea market. A total stranger being honestly nice and helpful to you. The smell and feel of a crisp clean made bed.

Today, it’s booking flight tickets. We spotted a good deal on tickets for our honeymoon and didn’t hesitate to book. Immediately afterwards, a bit of holiday fever crept in. Of course, saving a couple of hundred bucks is great, but what is infinitely more important is the prospect of three weeks of nature, outdoors, exploration and a few days of doing nothing but lying on a tropical beach and reading a good book. Funny how such a quick transaction (booking, payment and reception of tickets all took place within 10 minutes) can really give a positive twist to your mindset and your day in general. Still, there’s 3,5 months to go before we leave, but already the holiday has had a great positive impact on my general well-being. Malaysia here we come!

Jungle and beach here we come!


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