Variety is the spice of life

Just a quick update from me, as I haven’t been able to work on my list goals too actively lately. Work and other life aspects have got in the way just a bit too much, but in a good way. My career is developing in a great way, lots of new opportunities, but making the best of these chances requires a little too much time and energy to do much else. The rest of the time is mostly devoted to eating, sleeping, the odd bit of recreation and planning our wedding.

Last weekend was awesome though. Spent Saturday hiking with some old friends I do not have the chance to see all that often, and Sunday the weather (and my time and energy) finally allowed me to give my bicycle a decent outing, the first one in over two months.. The one thing that came to my mind is that I might not be a pure runner after all, even though I have been classifying myself as one for the last couple of years. It was a pretty active weekend, with a good amount of outdoors time, but not a single moment was spent running. Yet, as I said, it was one of the best weekends in a long time. Just thinking of it again makes me feel pretty good. Could it be that it was the change of activity that made it such a good experience?

I tend to think so, as I haven’t been that motivated to go out for a run lately, especially not during the week. I still fully enjoy my weekend runs in the forest, but I can’t seem to dedicate myself to a decent running schedule. This does not really bode well for the pure running-related goals I have set myself on my list, but in terms of my (sort of) New Years Resolution of making 2012 a year where I experience the outdoors as much as possible this might actually be a good thing.. I think I’ll stick to this varied activity schedule for a while, just to see what sort of effect it has on my fitness and energy levels.

Picture below is a random picture (not taken by me) of the scenery on last Saturday’s hike.



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