An active and outdoor New Year

I’m not really one for New Years resolutions, mostly because I think it’s a waste of time to wait until January 1st to change your bad habits or improve your decent ones. This coming year, however, there’s one I would love to improve, and that’s the amount of hours I spend outdoors. I’m a typical office dweller, spending 40+ hours per week behind a computer screen and around 10 more in the car to and from work. Sure, I do run and cycle pretty regularly, but nonetheless I often feel pretty lethargic and, well, just meh.

Starting today (why wait until NYE?), I vow to undertake more proper outdoor action. I’m pretty sure it will have a significantly positive impact on my life and general well-being. This means taking up trail running again (far better for the mind than regular road running), cycling more, taking up hiking in the weekends, you name it.

Have a great NYE all and a wonderful 2012.

Happy 2012!


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