Sometimes life gets in the way..

Just what the title says. Sometimes life does get in the way of your goals. First of all, I vowed to myself to do a little something every day that would get me closer to at least one of the goals on my list. However, most of the days that passed since my last post, I haven’t managed to do much. Most of that can be accounted to work. In the last weeks, a lot of new opportunities have opened up in my career. All very good, but pretty intensive. Not much time or energy left to work on the list. However, I do not consider that to be a bad thing, at least not yet. New challenges mean exploring previously untrodden paths, finding out new things and learning a lot. And that’s what it’s all about.

The list items that will probablysuffer the most are the time-related running ones. I know I can do them, but I have learned in the past couple of years that if I want to perform at the top of my game running-wise, all other things have to be in lower gear. Something that I cannot see happening anytime soon. I will continue running of course, as no other activity helps me feel both mentally and physically good as well as running does, but the focus is on just enjoying it for the moment. On the plus side, that will probably imply taking up trail running again, as I’ve missed the mud, the hills and the positive impact an hour or two zig-zagging through the trees has on my general well-being.

Of course, there are lots of other things that can be worked on in the year to come, and I will try my best to achieve as much as possible. You just cannot have everything at the same time..


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