An action a day keeps failure at bay

Compiling a bucket list is one thing, taking action towards completing it is a completely different matter. I have tried to do lots of new things in the past but, after an enthusiastic start, failed almost as many times. Mostly because I lost interest or didn’t feel committed enough to dedicate time and effort to it. With this bucket list, I only get one chance (I only have one life), so I better make the most of it. I’ll try and do something every day, be it large or small, that takes me closer to completing one or more of the items on my list. Past experiences have taught me that progress, however small it may be, is the key factor that keeps me motivated and dedicated towards accomplishing goals I have set myself.

Todays progress has been small indeed, but nonetheless it feels good. I ordered a second-hand copy of one of the Lynley novels (#46) I do not yet have, and as Christmas is coming closer, also made an offer on a second-hand copy of The Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD (#42). I’ve watched that film at least once every year, but have never owned a copy myself (it’s shown on TV every year, so there was no absolute need for it). Definitely a nice to have.

What’s the daily progress on your bucket list?

A Muppet Christmas Carol film poster


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