List item #8: Check!

Yay! Granted, it was by far one of the easiest ones on the list. Tonight, I watched ‘The Bucket List’ as I had a few hours to spare and thought I could put it to good use by finishing my first bucket list item. I put it on because I hoped that watching the film would inspire me to work hard on compiling and completing my bucket list.

Sadly, it didn’t. Because of the pretty decent IMDB score (7.4) and the positive reviews I’ve read, I was expecting a good film, inspiring and moving. It turned out to be a pretty bog standard drama / comedy with some cheap jokes and even cheaper sentiment. I must admit the end was a bit better and Nicholson’s assistant completing the list for him after he himself passed away was a nice touch, but as a whole the film didn’t even closely appeal as much to me as, for example, Seven Pounds did.

To end on a positive note: even though my list isn’t complete yet (and chances are good it won’t be for a while to come), I’ve managed to check off the first of the items. That’s a good feeling. Hopefully finishing the other items will give me more in the inspiration and feeling of fulfilment department!

Scene from 'The Bucket List'


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