#44 – Cycle across a country

Another part travel / part sports-related one. I seem to have a lot of items on my list that are related to either of those categories (or both). The OH and I would love to go on a cycling holiday once, and I think it would be a nice feature to travel from the northernmost to the southernmost* point of a country, if only to say you’ve seen it all..

My absolute dream would be to cross the US this way, but it would take quite a bit of time.

Cycle across a country

* Or south-north, east-west, west-east, … You get the point 😉


2 thoughts on “#44 – Cycle across a country

  1. I have something similar on my bucket list. I had a conversation with gentleman who once rode his bike 100 miles a day for a month. He said it was one of the most introspective and life changing experienced he had ever gone through. I would like to do something similar someday.

    • 100 miles a day for a month would bring you pretty much from one side of the US to the other.. Hmm.. Not as long as I thought. But still, 100 miles a day is not an easy thing to do! I’ve read some stories of people undertaking similar quests and they are quite inspiring indeed. Great bucket list you’ve got as well! Good luck on crossing off the rest of your items!

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