#41 – Spend a night in an ice hotel or an igloo

One of those things I have really wanted to do for some time. We had the chance when we were in Finland in February, but didn’t take it for some reason. How cool (literally) would it be sleeping comfortably in a warm bed full of blankets and hide with walls of ice and snow?

I’ve seen this one on a lot of other bucket lists by the way. Funny, never thought it would appeal to so many people.

Ice hotel


2 thoughts on “#41 – Spend a night in an ice hotel or an igloo

  1. Great, indeed. When looking at Your photo, I did not recognize the place from the photo where You spent a night.

    In Kemi we have

    World’s biggest Snow Castle,

    which must be rebuilt every winter? I visited there this year in February and I’ll go also next year.

    When You take a look at my post, then You know what possibilities there are.

    In the town of Kemi one has the possibility to take a cruise onboard of icebreaker and to swim among ices in the sea. I do not have photos from this. I’ll do it someday.

    Happy travel.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Matti. I just picked a random ice hotel picture off Google Images to be honest, I haven’t spent a night at an ice hotel myself yet and thus do not have any pictures so far..

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